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Shimmer Kai

Ombre Napkin Rings

Longer days mean spring celebrations and barbeques! These ombré napkin rings are super easy to make and add a pop of pastel to your table.

multicolored floss + plastic ring

You can buy some inexpensive napkin rings or find something around the house to use. I reused a few plastic tape rings, which work perfectly for lighter weight napkins. There are tons of floss colors to choose from at the craft store, but multicolored floss will give you a cool ombré effect. I bought one skein of floss per ring and had some to spare.

Before you start, you might want to rewind your floss into a small ball or a similar configuration. Since you’ll be putting all of the floss through the ring each time you wrap, this will help prevent knots. Wrap the floss around the ring once and tie a knot on the inside. Continue wrapping the floss tightly and finish by tying a small double knot on the inside of the ring. Add a dot of glue to secure the knot if you’d like and done!

Now to check Pinterest for some tasty grilling recipes…! -Jessica

Thank you so much to Craft Gossip  and Saved by Love Creations for featuring this project!

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  1. hena tayeb / Apr 2 2012

    Oh wow.. these are so pretty.

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