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Shimmer Kai

Beach Birdhouse

After reading this article about using craft paint from Mod Podge Rocks, I was inspired to find a fun spring craft to do. A few hours later, a ready-to-paint birdhouse from Michaels had turned into a beach shack! I sanded the outside wood, gave the base a few coats of gold paint and painted the rest of the house a deep aqua. Some more ideas below…


Trim down some popsicle sticks and sand the trimmed edges with sandpaper. Glue them side by side onto the roof; I like to stagger the lengths a bit to give it a more rustic look. I did a coat of ivory craft paint, let it dry and then did a thin, uneven coat of gold paint with a dry brush. Instantly distressed wood!


Flat toothpicks work well for this. You can construct an entire fence using toothpicks or weave in a few strings of hemp or thin cord. For the second option, be sure to give the toothpicks time to dry before trying to add the string. I found it helpful to tie the knots to the front toothpick “post” before gluing it onto the house. After weaving the string through, carefully tie knots to the opposite post.  I also added a dot of glue to the knots to secure them. If your fence is a bit imperfect and uneven, it’s even more lifelike in this case!


I drew a long board on cardstock and traced it onto an old wooden business card. This wood is so thin that you can cut it with scissors. Add a colorful stripe with a thin piece of tape and mount it on the front of the house using glue.

Large wooden buttons make great porthole windows and small shells with a bit of moss stuck inside make perfect planters. This birdhouse is just for decoration, but if you choose to make a functional one, there are plenty of good resources online to help you make it bird/nature friendly!

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  1. sharon / Feb 23 2012

    This is so cute…what a great gift idea.

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